Groundhog Babies! [How Many in a Litter, When, and Called]

Knowing how many babies does a groundhog have annually is a vital task to get rid of them one by one using human ways.

In most cases, the female groundhog gives birth to 3 – 5 (in general 4) babies. However, sometimes it can happen that she-chuck delivers around 9 babies in 1 litter even if it’s a rare occasion.

In this article, I’ll show you the groundhog baby birth population and share some of the interesting stuff related to this topic. Ready?

Find Out How Many Babies Does a Groundhog Have in a Litter

A Groundhog Can Have Several Babies in A Litter!

It doesn’t need a male vs female groundhog debate to know she-chuck gives birth to the babies. After mating, they end up being pregnant. By and large, the female woodchucks give birth to 3 to 5 pups in a single litter under the nest.

FYI, the female woodchucks usually deliver babies in 1 litter per year. Some of them can give birth to 9 pups although it doesn’t happen often.

Once they give birth to kids, the pups live with the mommy groundhogs since all born babies can’t see, communicate, or move properly.

They do not have much fur or bodily hairs during the 1st day and can’t protect themselves from predator animals.

In the 28 days, the pups open up their eye and become active (can walk, jump, and move) by the 5 weeks.

From birth to 6 weeks, the baby groundhogs take milk from the mommy woodchucks on a regular basis to grow faster.

Time of Year For Groundhogs To Have Babies

In the spring season, the groundhogs usually have babies on average. Why this season only and no other periods? 

You see, they have a busy life in the summer as they look for their soulmates in order to complete their mating needs by roaming around.

And before that, they have to go into hibernation mode after managing all the foods in the winter season.

After this, the groundhogs have a chance to do the mating stuff which takes summer to spring. Next, the female groundhog gets pregnant in the spring season. That’s what time of the year they have babies.

The Month When Groundhogs Have Babies

As I’ve said earlier, the groundhogs have their babies in the spring season. And this season can be different based on the geographic location where groundhogs are living. To explain it clearly, keep on reading:

In The United States

Female woodchucks have their babies in early April to mid of May. Right after the mating season, she-chucks have their gestation period of 31 – 32 days long.

In Canada

In this country where you’ll find a lot of groundhogs, they have babies from April or May to June. During this period, they prepare to have babies in the belly which grows completely after 1 month.

You Can Tell How Old a Baby Groundhog Is

In fact, you can consider the baby groundhog as an adult after 6 weeks (1 month and 12 days). During this period, it has small fur, tail, and closed eyes while being small in height as well as weight.

If you look at the fur or hair, it won’t grow until the groundhog steps 20 – 26 days old. The groundhog in the 25th – 27th days can walk, jump, and able to go circle in order to take a rest.

After that, the pup will be able to open its blue eyes on the 28th day and develop the behavior traits around 30th day (1 month).

Fast forward to the 42nd day, the groundhog starts to act mature and able to dig the ground. So, in a baby state are groundhogs dangerous as they start to learn about attacking skills? Not really since they just prefer to defend themselves.

The easiest way to you can determine the age of a groundhog is by looking at the weight or height. Here are the basic tips to tell the real age:

  • Size: 10” height of a groundhog means it is in an infant state. And if it’s less than 9” that indicates it’s 10 to 25 days old.
  • Weight: 26 or 30 grams of a woodchuck indicates the baby’s state. However, if it’s less than 26 grams, then it means the baby is 13 – 20 days old.

Baby Groundhogs Stay with Their Mother After Birth

The young woodchucks will live with their mom for around 44 days (1 month and 14 days). During this period, the pups take milk from the mommy groundhog’s breast and stick with her for around 20 days as they can’t survive otherwise. 

And when they start to eat veggies (on the 30th to 35th day), the kids still stay with their mother in the sleeping chamber near the nest. 

As they grow older, they start to make their separate den to live without their mother. It mostly happens during the middle of July as they can survive all by themselves. In fact, they make their den 2 miles away from the mother’s den.

Ending Note

This is how many babies does a groundhog have! You can never guess the actual number of babies one groundhog can give birth to.

If you don’t want the whole family to live in your garden by making a den, then be sure to place food that smells do groundhogs hate.

Hope this piece of guide helps you to get the desired answer with some related details. Catch You on The Next Guide!

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