Are Groundhogs Dangerous for Pets & Humans?

If living in nature, it’s usual to meet woodchucks near to your home in US or Canada. As the days go by, you can wonder if they are good with humans and pets or not.

So, are groundhogs dangerous to pets and humans? Well, they can get aggressive to you or your pet, but it happens rarely. As social creatures, they do whatever to keep themselves safe even if it takes harming humans or pets.

FYI, the woodchucks reproduce 2 – 6 babies annually. Before they make a family near to your house, continue reading this guide to know if they are safe or dangerous.

Are Groundhogs Dangerous for Pets & Humans?

Groundhogs Can Be Dangerous to Pets!

Listen to the whistle of the groundhog, it’s a dangerous warning from them to the animals. They can act like predators and hit other animals.

Groundhogs Are Dangerous to Dogs

If you see groundhogs with adult dogs, this is a winning game for dogs. But do you know groundhog can beat puppies to death?

This can be shocking for some but it’s true. When puppies meet woodchucks, they can try to attack them and can get the bad biting of the annoying creature. Their sharp teeth and paws cause bad injury to small creatures like puppies. 

Plus, the dog has the nature of getting aggressive toward annoying creatures which can trigger the woodchuck. And that way, your dog can get a bad beating. However, this thing doesn’t apply to adult dogs.

Groundhogs Are Dangerous to Cats

In a nose and nose battle between groundhogs and cats, sometimes the GH (groundhogs) can kill the adult cats if they use their full strength.

Cats usually don’t get into fights. But once they enter the game with groundhogs, the GH can hit hard by using their body, hand, teeth, and dense fur to injure the housecat poorly.

Groundhogs Are Dangerous to Chickens

Even if all woodchucks are vegetarian, it can happen due to fear feelings they eat chickens. It mostly happens if they feel insecure or get threats by staying around the chickens.

Groundhogs Are Dangerous to Humans

Killing groundhogs with bubble gum gets compulsory when they get harmful to humans. To know how they are dangerous to us, keep on reading:

Spread Diseases Pretty Easily

The primarily reason they are bad for humans is the illness that they spread quickly to humans or pets. Here are a few lists of diseases that they can carry to your house –

  • Rabies: One of the common illnesses that infect on brain and nerves.
  • Hepatitis: Provides huge pain and discomfort (inflammation) to the liver.
  • Fleas: Irritation on skin that seems visible as they drink blood from the human body.
  • Ticks: It’s a tiny spider-like creature that lives on animals to drink blood.

Destroys Crops & Fruits

Woodchuck eats most types of veggies like carrot, latus, cucumber, and so on that farmers grow dearly. And that’s not all, they can climb to eat the apple, berries, pears, and cherries. Due to these reasons, they seem dangerous to humans.

Harm The Property in A Bad Way

Groundhogs are a well-known annoying creature that ruins the land where they go and stay. They won’t stop until they dig deep holes inside the property to live there which takes huge cost to repair.

Groundhogs Can Be Aggressive

As it’s clear, the groundhog gets aggressive or unpredictable based on how badly they are being triggered inside. It happens due to three solid reasons, and these are:

1. If Getting Fearful

When they feel fear, the woodchuck loses their patience and starts to attack the front staff in order to protect themselves. Sometimes they can jump or whistle at another creature to give a warning. These are some signs that they make so that no one goes near them.

Using unbearable scents like ammonia can cause them to leave if you want to protect yourself and your yard. This is how will ammonia deter groundhogs.

2. If Feeling Trapped

They can also scream and run fast if feeling trapped or blocked by humans or dogs. In that case, the groundhog uses their paws and teeth to remove the front creature or object. If you are trying to trap them, they can act weirdly by being aggressive.

3. If Fighting

During the real combat with predator animals, the groundhog becomes pretty aggressive unlike usual. You’ll see them running fast in the yard to reach the den while knocking a few animals who come in front of them. They can go wild too!

Groundhogs Do Bite

With the upper incisor, premolar, and molar teeth, the groundhogs can bite humans or pets (cats and dogs). Their teeth look like chisels that are sharp as knives to bite really deep. 

Due to the front teeth, people wonder do woodchucks actually chuck wood even though it’s a tongue twister. Back to the topic, the groundhog can bite based on the treatment. 

For example, they can bite you if you try to trap them or feel insecure. The groundhog can also try to harm you with their teeth if they feel frightened.

As they try their best to escape to the den, they in the way can bite you even if it happens in a rare case.

Wrap Up

Whether are groundhogs dangerous or not, they will harm you either physically or by destroying the crops and property.

So, it’s better to get rid of them by using scents that groundhogs hate. Be smart when dealing with harmful animals and avoid triggering them badly. Good Luck!

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