Killing Groundhogs With Bubble Gum! [Complete Guide]

As an excellent vandal, the groundhogs invade land badly and won’t leave unless they successfully damage the crops.

To get rid of them, people like me go for the budget-friendly option of using chewing gum (not joking it does work).

You might be wondering how long does it take for gum to kill a groundhog. Not more than 5 – 14 days based on what kind of chewing gum you are using. Sticky gums will give quick and efficient success in killing them.

In this guide, I’ll share in detail the duration it takes based on chewing gum variety and other related topics. Let me walk you through it!

Killing Groundhogs With Bubble Gum!

Required Time to Kill a Groundhog with Bubble Gum

It’s still a mystery as some find fast results while others wait for months. It’s due to the bubble gum types.

Here’s what kind of bubble gum kills groundhogs and its duration to get the job done well: 

1. Wrigley’s Spearmint Chewing Gum

Whether are groundhogs dangerous or not, they will ruin the crops and make the garden look uglier by creating holes. 

To kill the groundhog, a lot of people use this kind of gum that has a strong flavor that attracts the groundhog to chew it. 

This takes around 1 week (7 days) to successfully bait the woodchucks and they will feel the stickiness inside.

2. Juicy Fruit Bubble Chewing Gum

With the fruitful flavor, this kind of bubble gum helps vastly to take down the groundhog family apart from your yard. 

Its effect will take time to bait the groundhogs to death which helps other families to take lessons and go away from the garden.

Most probably, it works after 9 – 10 days to attract the woodchuck and its death will be on the next day after eating the gum.

3. Double Bubble Gum

One of the most effective baits is the double bubble gum which works faster than any other chewing gum. It’s due to the stickiness power that doesn’t fail the plan of killing groundhogs in a human way.

This might take up to 5 days if you place the gum on the right hole where the groundhog rest.

4. Strawberry or Vanilla-flavored Gum

Using the fruitful strawberry or vanilla flavored bubble gum might also work. A few folks fail to kill them as bait in the wrong way. 

If you are able to do it in the right manner, the groundhog will die within 2 weeks although it may take some time and effort.


Avoid using any kind of bubble gums which contains scents that groundhogs hate like grape flavored gum doesn’t work.

The Amount of Bubble Gum to Kill a Groundhog!

Despite the silly face of woodchucks, a lot of folks can’t decide whether are groundhogs smart or not. They are smart enough to understand who is trying to bait with what. So, you have to use scented and fruitful gums to kill them. Here’s how much will it take:

Bubble Gum TypesGum Per HoleTotal Pieces
Wrigley’s Spearmint Chewing Gum2 Gums Per Hole10 – 14 Pieces 
Juicy Fruit Bubble Chewing Gum3 Gums Per Hole15 – 21 Pieces
Double Bubble Gum1 Gum Per Hole5 – 7 Pieces
Strawberry Flavored Gum2 or 3 Gums Per Hole10 – 14 or 15 – 21 Pieces
Vanilla Flavored Gum4 Gums Per Hole20 – 28 Pieces

Try This DIY For Killing Groundhogs with Bubble Gum

Depending on the type of gum that you are using, it can take a long or brief period to kill the annoying woodchucks. Here’s how to do it yourself to kill them with no mess:

  • Start by, organizing the bubble gum, cat litter (optional), and a tong.
  • Locate the holes of groundhogs near your garden. Make sure to choose a hole that seems new to catch the annoying creature.
  • Bring out the bubble gum and hold one gum using a tong. Place them on the hole one by one.
  • Then, fill the whole holes using the tong to insert the bubble gums.
  • After that, check in the next morning. You have to do the same thing for a couple of days.
  • In between 2 days, place cat litter if you want a faster result. Done!

Reason that Chewing Gum Kill a Groundhog

The chewing gum is not a poison for groundhogs it instead does a trick to take these away from your garden. How? The gum contains polymers that stick a lot if it meets the saliva of animals or humans.

Groundhogs tend to chew a lot no matter what kind of food out there they are consuming. As their mouth finds the gum and eventually consumes it, the gum sticks inside their stomach of them which later cause suffer to move around.

Based on the number of chewing gum they eat; the woodchuck will die naturally from stomach and lung stickiness.

Ending Note

Annoying animals like woodchucks will need patience and time to kill in a human way. Not only do they can ruin the farm and your house’s appearance but also carry illnesses that can spread to humans.

Due to this reason, it gets necessary to kill them immediately. This is how to kill a groundhog bubble gum and if you need fast solutions, try trapping them and kill in your way. Hope This Guide Helps!

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