10 Interesting Facts About Groundhogs You Didn’t Know!

On February 02, Groundhog Day is being held. And from this, a lot of folks give attention to the annoying creature as they predict the season of spring.

Woodchucks’ aka groundhogs or whistle pigs have many hidden facts which most people don’t know. These includes:

  • They’re from the ground squirrels.
  • Live in 2 burrows (in winter and summer).
  • Do not chuck wood.
  • They are fast runners.
  • Aerate soil like an expert.
  • Stop eating for 150 days.
  • Climbs and swims easily.
  • They are smart.
  • Able to smell from afar.
  • For 3 days, they sleep.

Let’s learn 10 interesting and fun facts about groundhogs!

10 interesting facts about groundhogs

10 Interesting Facts About Groundhogs Are Given Below!

Woodchuck or groundhog has many shocking facts apart from their chisel-shaped teeth and round face. Here are the fact checks:

1. Them Being a Member of Ground Squirrels

Yes, groundhogs are a true member of ground squirrel aka marmot. That’s why their behavior is so similar to the squirrel from the walk to the jump.

Family Sciuridae
Genus Marmota
SpeciesMarmota Monax

2. Live in Two Burrows Based on Weather

Woodchucks tend to have 2 houses or burrows for them to live alone depending on the climate. In summer, they just survive in the grassy field area with no food or other stuff. 

However, the groundhogs need to store both food and water for the winter season. Due to this reason, they make another burrow in the wooden area which contains more than 5 dens (rooms) for urinating, storing food, and sleeping zone.

3. They Do Not Chuck Wood

Most folks back in the 90s tend to question ‘do woodchucks really chuck wood’ due to the famous tongue twister. But the name woodchuck has nothing to do with the wood and chuck. It’s just an Algonquian to match the wood, chuck, animals, and so on words.

4. Runs At 9.94 Miles Per Hour

With the 4 paws, the groundhog’s small body can move at 1.86 MPH (2.96 KPH) if walking or normally jogging. But when they get triggered due to predator animals, they can run at 9.94 MPH (16 KPH). This speed is enough for humans to win a marathon.

That’s why they are pretty hard to catch unless you use bait. In case you want to get rid of them, learn how to catch a groundhog with a milk jug.

5. Aerate Soil Professionally

Soil aeration skills which what is a fun fact about groundhogs – most don’t know until now. It happens when they just dig the soil deep (near to compacted soil). This thing helps to expose the fresh part where air, water, and nutrients go through the hole.

It results in the plant’s roots becoming bigger and stronger, adding density, and improving the growth in a healthy way. All thanks go to the groundhogs.

6. Without Eating For 3 Months, Groundhogs Can Survive

In hibernation mode, the woodchucks can survive for 150 days without eating. They will not lose more weight even if not eating in that state.

7. They Can Climb & Swim Easily

What are groundhog surprising skills? The woodchucks can climb the trees, walls, and other things to reach the top. They can also swim underwater which helps them to stay protected from predator creatures.

To make that happen, they use their paws and legs to paddle. For your information, they can stay underwater for 15 – 20 minutes with no issue.

8. Groundhogs Are Intelligent Animal 

Woodchucks have a special ability to communicate, protect themselves from predators, and find food sources. As they are able to think and perform better tactics in different situations, that makes them intelligent. This is how are groundhogs smart!

9. They Have Strong Smelling Sense

Groundhogs contain a stable sense of ear, nose, and eyes even from a few meters. Using their vital organs, they can smell fast to understand whether the object is food or another animal.

That’s why people target this organ to get rid of them by placing foods what smells do groundhogs hate.

10. Sleep for More Than 3 Days

During hibernation mode, the woodchucks tend to sleep for 7 days while breathing slowly. In some cases, they can sleep for 3 – 5 days and then they become conscious like an ordinary animal.

Things Groundhogs Do All Day

All animals have a daily routine which they perform in any weather. Focusing on the common activity the groundhog does, I’ll share all the activities below:

In Summer

  • Wakes up in the early morning and comes out of the burrow to search for food.
  • Stay in the burrow if the weather is too hot.
  • Start to work on storing food before winter comes.
  • Eat food and water.
  • Complete their mating needs by going to a female burrow and living there for 30 – 32 days.

In Winter

  • Get inside another burrow which is deeper and stronger.
  • Stay asleep while breathing 2 beats per minute.
  • Avoid eating, urinating, and doing other work.
  • Crawl themselves rounder.

In Spring

  • Get up early in the morning and get to their social life.
  • Search for food, and water.
  • Take light nap and sleep.
  • Continue their mating needs by living in a female den.

Ending Note

No matter if you hate or like them, the above interesting facts about groundhogs might feel fascinating and who knows, it may change your view. Hope you find this guide fun as I tried to uncover some unknown facts about this creature.

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