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From leaving a foul odor, gross grease markings, and droppings at different corners of the home to being awful for lawns, landscapes, and outdoor green areas.

Rodents have been serious infestation creators that need to discard and taken care of by lawn owners and homeowners. But then there’s also the sweet side of certain rodents that makes you want to love them as pet for as long as you live.

Here at Rodents Info, we will teach you methods, tips, tricks, techniques, information, and every resource that you need for keeping the threat of harmful rodents away from your house and your landscape along with regular pet parenting guides on harmless pet rodents.

Little Bit About Rodents Info Team

Dale E

Hi, this is Dale E. Bitting, the owner of Rodents Info. I am 42 years old wildlife biologist who also had the chance to study entomology.

After educating several pest control organizations and training many branch offices, I finally got the self-made opportunity of sharing about a specific topic, harmful rodent handling for garden/lawn/home. And from there I also discovered on some rodents who are harmless to keep as a pet. My pet Dwarfy is a Syrian hamster, a rodent.

The internet unfortunately lacks proper information and people keep suffering from rodent related proper guidelines. Without knowing what to do in certain situation and spending huge amounts on expensive professionals services or products.

Hopefully, with Rodents Info, I would be able to help you get ideas, information, and solutions to various less-talked-about rodent-relevant topics you might be interested in.

I have managed to find some amazing people on board with me as Rodents Info team members who have worked as entomologists, lawn care technicians, pest control technicians, pet care service providers, veterinary students, and home inspectors.

The experience of working in this industry would be gladly shared through several category contents here at Rodents Info.

More On What You’ll Get Here at Rodents Info

  • Advice on how to stop dangerous no-canine-teeth mammals causing severe destruction on yards and lawns.
  • Educational stuff on harmful rodents threats such as disease vectoring, infecting humans, and killing plants/grass/lands.
  • Prevention focused information for keeping toxic rodents out of your sphere of house and land.
  • Legal methods of eliminating these creatures with the source on laws that anyone should be aware of.
  • Complete guidance on pet rodents parenting and tips to keep them safe.
  • Necessary information of products, medications, items, and services that as pet owner you must know about.
  • Fun ways to spend time with your not-so-common pet type.

And Many More…

We want to create an all-in-one space for every home and lawn owner to learn about different types of rodents and methods for boding with them.

We will share the difficulty of elimination as well as the destructive behaviors of a few of the rodents are not safe for garden and yard health.

Apart from these, you will also find numerous DIY ways, professional suggestions, answers to less-talked-about queries, and more.

So, without any hesitation, be a part of Rodents Info.

And Start Learning About Several Types of Rodents.

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