Best Method for Male Vs Female Groundhog Distinguishing!

Spotting the gender of woodchucks is a tough task for a newcomer as they look alike and behave similarly. However, there are some visible traits that hint at their identity.

The difference between male vs female groundhog can be located in weight, size, genetic part, and other factors. Take a glance for a sneak peek:

Male groundhog:

  • Weight: 8.44 lbs.
  • Body length: 21” – 24”
  • Urethra size: 80 – 90 mm

Female groundhog:

  • Weight: 7.78 lbs.
  • Body length: 20”
  • Urethra Size: 20 mm

Apart from these, they have many diversities which makes a groundhog male or female. Keep on reading to find out the details!

Male Vs Female Groundhog!

Comparing Male Vs Female Groundhog for Easy Differentiating

There are many interesting facts about groundhogs if you are able to understand the gender it’ll be clear. Male and female types differ a lot. Here’s how to detect them:

The Weight

Even if male and female chucks tend to look identical with the same color and fur, you’ll be able to understand the gender by weight. So, are lighter groundhogs male or female?

According to one study about groundhogs, the males are 8% heavier or bulkier than the females due to their eating habits in the Autumn season.

Because of the mass eating before going to hibernation mode, the male tends to take more foods than the female. That’s why they seem heavier than the female groundhogs.

Groundhogs Weight table

The Size

Both male and female groundhogs contain different heights on average. From the head to the body length, it’s clear that the male woodchucks are larger in length than female types.

GenderMale GroundhogFemale Groundhog
Condylo-basal Length81.3 – 94.4 mm84 – 88.9 mm 
Palatal Length50.7 – 54.5 mm49.1 – 52.4 mm
Post Palatal Length32 – 36.4 mm31.5 – 31.8 mm
Length Of Nasals33.9 – 39.8 mm33.4 – 39.1 mm
Zygomatic Breadth Size53.4 – 64.7 mm57.5 – 62 mm
Breadth Across Mastoids Size40.3 – 46 mm40.6 – 43.8 mm
Least Interorbital Breadth Size21.7 – 25.4 mm22.2 – 26.3 mm
Breadth Of Rostrum Size18 – 21.2 mm18.2 – 20.4 mm
Maxillary Tooth Row18 – 21.8 mm17.5 – 21 mm

The body of male chucks is mostly 21” – 24” inches while the female chucks have 20” inches in length in general.

Urethra Size

The male groundhogs contain 80 – 90 mm long urethra that carries urine and semen to the end of the penis. You’ll see the part is separated into pelvic and penile.

On the other hand, the female groundhogs have 20 mm long urethra that pop on into the floor of the vagina (in the urethral orifice and ostium urethra externum).

Genetic Part

In male groundhogs, the genetic part contains the testes, scrotum, epididymis, deferent ducts, genital glands, penis, and urethra.

Then again, the female woodchucks have ovaries, uterine tubes, uterus, vagina, vulva, and clitoris. If you are able to spot these in the groundhog, it’ll be easier to determine the gender.


Male woodchucks come out from hibernation 1 – 3 weeks earlier than female woodchucks. To be more specific, the male chucks come out from the inactive mode in mid-February to early March.

Apart from the tongue twister how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, adult male groundhogs tend to eat 700 lbs. of food before going to hibernation mode.

While female groundhogs have a habit of storing the same number of foods when switching to hibernation mode.


Whether do groundhogs have good eyesight or not, both male and female types tend to live in the same den during the mating seasons.

As male chucks come out from hibernation earlier than females, they first establish their territories and start to look for female chucks to live with them.

On normal days, they do not interact with each other and live in their separate den for summer, winter, and autumn.

The Better Behaving Sex

The male groundhogs tend to act more aggressively while the female woodchucks prefer to defend rather than attack.

Both of their behavior seems similar the only difference is one act aggressive and bites a lot more than another. That makes the female groundhogs better than the male in the perspective of humans who don’t want aggressiveness.

Male and Female Groundhogs Live Together

Yes, during the mating season in early spring to fall, the male and female groundhogs tend to live together. More than 2 male woodchucks with 8 or more females (based on the copulation of the den) live in the same burrow for more than 31 to 32 days.

What Is a Female Groundhog Called?

Folks who see female groundhogs on land usually call them locally based on color, shape, or behavior. But in most cases, they call these creatures ‘She-chuck’ due to the feminine gender and their behavioral pattern.

Other than this, sometimes people call them ‘Female Whistle Pigs’ or ‘Queen of Land-beavers’ (I know it sounds funny).

What Is a Male Groundhog Called?

Just like the female groundhog, some people give male woodchuck a nickname which is ‘He-chuck.’ It’s based on gender and behavior as they come to eat up the crops. Some folks also call them ‘Male Whistle Pigs’ or ‘King of Land-beavers.’

Wrapping Up

Petting one between a male vs female groundhog, it is up to you to decide to go with either one of them based on your perspective.

Both will serve the same affection and ruin at the same time. Even if in Canada it’s illegal to pet them, you can do it in the US legally after getting permission from the landowner.

However, if it’s for random research, then I hope this guide helps you determine the annoying creature’s gender. Thank You for Reading!

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