How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Ammonia [Step-by-Step]

By birth, groundhogs are a troublemaker that ruins the effort of the farm in a minute. Due to their annoying nature, I had been looking for a way out to prevent them from coming to my yard. Finally, I find a solid method that works!

Using 1 part of ammonia in 3 parts of water with a tad of detergent to fill the burrows helps prevent them. They never come back and that’s how to get rid of groundhogs ammonia!

If you are also facing the same trouble, then I’ll just share the technique in 5 steps that work. Let’s get Started…

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs Ammonia

Getting Rid of Groundhogs Using Ammonia In 5 Steps!

Ammonia is one of those scents that what smells do groundhogs hate. Using this will help keep them away from your yard and they won’t even come back. The direction is given below.

Tools Required:

  1. Ammonia
  2. Water
  3. Bowl
  4. Safety Equipment (Gloves and Mask)
  5. Detergent (Optional)
  6. Epsom Salt
  7. Garden Hose
  8. Newspaper


  • Take 2 cups of ammonia in a bowl and fill 6 cups of water (1 part ammonia: 3 parts water formation) to make a liquid mixture which you’ll use later. Use a tad of detergent in the mixture to make the solution strong.
  • Cut the grasses where you locate the groundhog holes to avoid mess.
  • Do not use food to attract the groundhogs.


Step 1: Protect Yourself with Safety Equipment.

It’s natural to avoid the most necessary thing which is called safety when feeling anger. But know that the groundhog has chisel-like teeth that can bite deeply.

Other than this, ammonia (NH3) is a highly toxic element that irritates the skin, eyes, mouth, and other body parts if you touch it with bare hands.

So, it’s better to wear safety equipment aka gloves, eyeglasses, and a mask to keep your body secure from damage. If possible, wear full-length attire.

Step 2: Locate the Groundhogs Hole.

In this step, you have to find out the burrow to fill the solutions. Check the yard to locate 2 – 3 linked burrows that seem newly built. It should have more visible holes than most burrows.

Step 3: Sprinkle Epsom Salts Around the Burrows.

Take another bowl and get some Epsom salts to use in the yard. Randomly, just sprinkle the salt close to the veggies and beautiful plants which you don’t want to lose. Also, sprinkle these around the burrows so that they never come to the burrow again.

Step 4: Use the Solution in The Burrow.

After that, bring the solution which you have made during the preparation (water and ammonia). The solution is Ammonia Hydroxide which contains strong scents through the right portion of liquid.

H2O (Water) + NH3 (Ammonia) → NH4^+ + OH^- (Ammonia Hydroxide)

Connect the garden hose to a nearby water supply (it’s best to use a garden hose that is 6 or 8 feet to reach the burrows). Fill 30% water inside the groundhog holes and then stop.

Pour the mixture into the burrow and cover the hole with dirt or newspaper. You can also use vinegar to make them feel unbearable.

Step 5: Do It For 1 Week.

As groundhog is a smart animal, it can remember the location and come back to your yard when they smell fresh veggies. To get rid of them, you have to do Steps 3 – 4 for around 7 days and they will stop coming to your garden.

Ammonia Will Deter Groundhogs Quite Effectively

The ammonia and water combination creates a toxic fume or gas filled with nitrogen atoms that cause the groundhog to feel breathless. That’s why they come out of the burrow and go away to save their life.

The woodchucks won’t drink the ammonia and water mixture even if you mix it with their favorite fruits or veggies, unlike the anti-freeze. Learn how will groundhogs drink antifreeze if you are interested.

Coming to the point, the Sudsy and Cloudy ammonia are the 2 top-choice elements that smell terrible and repeal the groundhog successfully. 

Both of these elements can spread the fume and discourage woodchucks to come back. That’s how the ammonia deters the annoying creatures like woodchucks.

Ammonia And Bleach Can Kill Groundhogs

Yes, the ammonia and bleach with water can kill groundhogs as well as you. If you mix 1 drop of bleach in ammonia, it will make a chemical reaction negatively. 

Resulting in the solution getting harmful to humans, pets, and groundhogs. By chance you inhale the fume (chloramines), it’ll cause your lungs to feel the burn and irritation. 

Even if you are far away from the burrow, the toxic fume in the air will irritate you badly. Groundhogs will feel the same soreness and can get a painful death.

Instead of using bleach, ammonia, and water mixture,it would be more effective to try the killing groundhogs with gum technique. It’s fast and easy!

Wrap Up

Apart from carrying various illnesses and ruining the crops, woodchucks are a big NO to farmers. You now know how to get rid of groundhogs ammonia by reading the above technique so why wait for them to come and destroy your yard?

Use this method and see the result for yourself. Hope this content helps you get rid of them forever by doing the above direction for 7 days. Catch You on The Next Guide!

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