Before Killing Groundhogs with Antifreeze Read This Guide!

Groundhog is known for their harm to the yard and crops but killing them with antifreeze is a way more inhuman thing.

I would suggest avoiding killing groundhogs with antifreeze as it gives suffocation, kidney failure, brain fail, internal bleeding, and so on gradually. Unlike other techniques, it doesn’t kill instantly but causes them to feel unbearable pain. 

In this guide, I’ll show you the reason you shouldn’t try this technique. Also, you’ll find other informative topics which might help get the data. Let’s Go!

killing groundhogs with antifreeze

Overview On Killing Groundhogs with Antifreeze!

It’s fully easy to kill the groundhogs with antifreeze but the effect will make you feel bad for the creatures. Once they drink this element, they start to feel the pain slowly which causes their liver and kidney to get fail. 

It’s due to the Ethylene Glycol ingredient which causes animals to feel breathless and unusual pain in a cruel way. Then, they will start to scream as their vital organs like the heart, brain, lungs, and so on start to get damaged.

Based on how much you have given them, these will happen one after another:

  • Suffocation
  • Internal bleeding
  • Sore throat
  • No control over muscle
  • Convulsions
  • Body shakes

That’s not all. If by accident your pet (can be cats, dogs, or other animals) drinks the antifreeze, they will also meet the same fate. 

Seeing them screaming and crying in an abnormal manner might not be appropriate. And that’s why I recommend not to try this technique for your pet’s sake.

But If You Must Kill Groundhog with Antifreeze

  1. Take a small bowl that is round in shape. Just be sure it’s big so that the creature can put the mouth inside to drink.
  2. Fill the antifreeze solution in the bowl and do not add water or poison to make it worse. Just fill the bowl a bit above halfway and stop.
  3. Place the bowl near the fresh burrow or den. It’ll get attracted and come out to drink the antifreeze.
  4. Wait for the next day to confirm the success.

Groundhogs Will Drink Antifreeze? 

As the antifreeze smells like candy or maple syrup, nearly all woodchucks would love to drink it if they locate near their den.

According to one study, the sweet scent of antifreeze can attract animals like dogs or cats along with groundhogs.

In most cases, woodchucks will drink like crazy and feel the inner damage slowly which makes it a painful and inhuman way to kill the groundhogs.

It Is Legal to Kill Groundhog with Antifreeze

Just as killing groundhogs with bubble gum, the antifreeze technique won’t violate the law. In fact, the government in most states permits the killing of game animals using poison or other techniques if they harm your yard badly.

As far as it is concerned, the groundhog sits under the game animals as it does ruin the crops and makes holes in the yard which causes harm to the property. This thing makes killing the woodchuck using antifreeze legal.

To Humanely Kill a Groundhog

Shooting is one of the best techniques that seem human to kill the groundhog without causing their body to feel extreme pain. As long as you don’t miss the shot, this trick works. Here’s how to do it yourself:

  1. Pick a suitable rifle that is made for hitting groundhog. 
  2. Insert the decent pellet inside the air gun or rifle.
  3. If you are a starter in this field, practice and evaluate your aim to be able to hit the animal on spot.
  4. Place wood or carrot near the burrow so that they take their time to eat.
  5. Locate the hole of the groundhog and observe him from a great distance. Also, make sure to hide as they will run in the opposite direction if spot you.
  6. Trigger and shoot at the groundhog. Immediately run to it and see if the creature dies or not. Done!

Note: If shooting doesn’t work, trap them, and then deal with them in a human way. To do so, learn how to catch a groundhog with a milk jug.

Wrapping Up

Killing groundhogs with antifreeze is a pretty cruel trick! Its effect might discourage some farmers to try even though the woodchucks destroy the farm badly.

Rather than trying the antifreeze trick, you should spray scents that smells do groundhogs hate to get rid of them. Or maybe sprinkle the chili or garlic around the yard. These do work to prevent them from coming to your yard.

To kill in a human way, you can try the shooting technique which won’t give them a painful death. Hope this guide helps with solid information and some twist of random knowledge. Catch You Later!

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