Where Do Chipmunks Live? [Winter & Summer]

The chipmunks make their home through burrows or pick holes to live there. Due to some destructions, they build 2 burrows to live in the summer and winter seasons.

It depends on the season to find where chipmunks live. In winter, they choose soil, logs, or deep forest to store food while ensuring warmth. It’s the opposite in the summer as they live in less-deep chippers, stumps, bush piles, or your home!

Apart from the weather factor, the geographic site does matter as they can live in some states like the US, Canada, Mexico, and other countries to make a new home.

Let’s get started to know exactly where do chipmunks live…

Where Do Chipmunks Live

Exactly Where Chipmunks Live in Winter & Summer!

Chipmunks shift their homes based on the climate to keep their body in appropriate temperatures. To understand, where the chipmunks live during cold or hot weather.

In Winter

When the temperature is the lowest, the chipmunks tend to live alone in the deepest and strongest homes built under forest, soil, or logs. They dig deeper under the soil to live in their den or burrow while storing the foods.

  • Makes 1 main entrance and plugged entrance that meets on the same road under a rock or tree.
  • The underground base of chipmunk contains more than 3 hoards to store foods.
  • Create a nest in 36 inches depth and 350” – 360” in length.

In Summer

The summertime is fun and cheerful for chipmunks as during this period they roam around many locations to find their mate. No matter how many chipmunks live together, they will choose tree stumps, chippers, bush piles, and apartments as their home.

Apart from these places, they can make small burrows to stay to simply hang out with male chipmunks during the summer season.

Chipmunks Lives in the US, Canada, Mexico, & Other States

The chipmunks have a special kind that lives in different zone based on the environment, shelter, and food factors. It includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia, and China in most cases.


More than 15 species of chipmunks are right now living in the United States (different zones including Florida, Texas, and California). These include the Eastern, Siberian, Least, Hopi, Yellow-pine, and other chipmunk types.

In Florida

Are there chipmunks in Florida? Yay, you’ll locate some chipmunks including some special species. These include –

  • Eastern Chipmunks
  • Siberian Chipmunks
  • Least Chipmunks

In California

Nearly all chipmunks live in California state (mostly on the northern and southern sides). The desert and coastal areas are where do chipmunks live in California. Here are a few species of chipmunks that live in the zone –

  • Panamint Chipmunk (in the desert mountain areas)
  • Redwood chipmunk (on the coast)
  • Siskiyou Chipmunk (near river and mountain)
  • Sonoma Chipmunk (in areas of forest or chaparral)
  • Chaparral Chipmunk (in the forest)
  • Tahoe Chipmunk (In the trees, fallen logs, and rocks)

In Texas

There are a couple of chipmunks that contain some species that belong to the Tamias. Read below to know which species are mostly found in Texas– 

  • Gray-footed Chipmunk
  • Allen’s Chipmunk

In New Mexico

There is a great portion of chipmunks in the state of New Mexico in the United States. Here are a few species –

  • Yellow-pine chipmunk
  • Colorado chipmunk
  • Allen’s Chipmunk


If you are thinking about whether does Canada have chipmunk or not, I should inform you that they live there too. Mostly, the Eastern type stays in Canada (west areas).

Other than this kind of chipmunks, here are the 4 species that can be found in the western portion of Canada:

  1. Least Chipmunks (under trees)
  2. Redwood Chipmunks (in the plants)
  3. Red-tailed Chipmunks (in the ground and trees)
  4. Townsend’s Chipmunks (in the forest and underground places)


In most cases, you’ll see the Durango, Merriam’s, and Cliff chipmunks in Baji California of Mexico. It’s a fact that the portion of chipmunks in the state is not more if compared with the US and Canada.


The center and northern part of Russia contain Siberian (common) chipmunks in a considerable number. As usual, this kind of chipmunk lives in the forests, on logs, and under the trees in the state.


This country does contain Siberian and Eastern chipmunks, especially in the center and northern areas. Other than these species, there are a few kinds of chipmunks that can be found including Redwood and Hopi chipmunks in the states.

There Are No Chipmunks in South Asia

There are plenty of reasons why chipmunks tend to avoid living in South Asian countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Here’s why:

Food Source Is Not Enough

The primary reason they don’t live in these countries is due to the lack of food. They usually can’t live without food just like other animals.

They consume nuts, beans, grains, and other healthy foods. The chipmunks can eat live animals including snails, and rats too. Do chipmunks eat mice? It’s true that can eat mice and other animals. Due to limitations in most food, they can’t survive in these countries.

Shelters Lack Protection

It’s true that South Asia countries do have forests and safe zones which is enough for squirrels and rabbits to live. But this might not be suitable for chipmunks as they need protection underground to survive.

By making dens, it gets hard for them to survive in different environments. Check here to get the basics about how long do chipmunks live.

Temperature Is Not Appropriate

Chipmunks tend to have more than 100° F or 37.8° C warmth in a normal state. They might feel unusual in the southeast countries as these counts are hot and contain high humidity levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many chipmunks are there in the world?

You’ll mostly find 25 genres of chipmunks in the world where each of them differs from another in looks, behavior, and other factors.

2. Where are chipmunks mostly found?

Typically, the chipmunks are located in the US, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. They live under the forest and soil hole to survive.

3. How many chipmunks are in California?

According to one survey, you’ll locate 13 kinds of chipmunks in California (species). Most of them are around the northern, central, and southern areas.

Wrapping Up

From the POV of geographic location as well as the climate, it’s vital to know where do chipmunks live. Never know if you are walking on their home during hiking or traveling in the mountains or forests. Beware of these to avoid ruining their home!

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