How Many Chipmunks Live Together! [Explained]

Though the chipmunks look cute and bubbly, they can live with a group in any hole. If they continue living and giving birth to new babies, your house and crops will face harm in the future.

So, how many chipmunks live together? Not more than 8 – 10 in the average range as they dig small. It depends on the size of the burrow to live with their group together.

Don’t panic if you can see a large group of chipmunks near your house! Instead, get complete knowledge on this topic with some related stuff by reading here. Go On!

How Many Chipmunks Live Together

The Number of Chipmunks That Live Together

As a creature who tend to live alone themselves, the chipmunks can live together with other groups in a colony or burrow. To know the matter in detail, keep on reading:

Home Of Chipmunks in Colony

All male chipmunks interact with female types, but they make separate colonies to live under the den. More than 8 – 10 members of chipmunks are able to live in one tiny colony.

Based on the size of the den, they can live there for more than 15 members. The wood plains and desserts are some of the places where do chipmunks live. They make holes aka dens which are mostly 11 feet in length. This is the home where they live in a colony.

Home Of Chipmunks in Burrow

More than one chipmunk can live in a burrow when there is no reason. It’s due to their solitary mode which causes them to survive alone under the hole.

However, in the spring and summer seasons, the chipmunks have to find mates and live with them under the same burrow.

In these seasons, one male shift to the female burrow where more than 4 – 6 chipmunks live. So, that means 5 – 7 chipmunks (including both male and female) live in a burrow during the mating period. This is how many chipmunks live in a burrow when mating.

After they complete the mating stuff for around 31 days as this is how long do chipmunks live there, the male chipmunks leave the burrow where females give birth to more than 2 – 6 babies.

And then, they stay in the same burrow for 6 weeks (or 42 days). Meaning 3 – 7 chipmunks (including babies and mom) will live in a burrow.

Total Number of Chipmunks in The World!

According to most wildlife experts, there are more than 25 species of chipmunks in the world. Out of all, you’ll find – 

  • Eastern Chipmunk 
  • Siberian Chipmunk
  • Least Chipmunk
  • Hopi Chipmunk
  • Yellow-pine Chipmunk
  • Long-eared Chipmunk
  • Colorado Chipmunk
  • Lodgepole Chipmunk
  • Red-tailed Chipmunk
  • Cliff Chipmunk
  • Townsend’s Chipmunk
  • Uinta Chipmunk
  • Palmer’s Chipmunk
  • California Chipmunk
  • Buller’s Chipmunk
  • Gray-collared Chipmunk
  • Alpine Chipmunk
  • Merriam’s Chipmunk
  • Allen’s Chipmunk
  • Gray-footed Chipmunk
  • Sonoma Chipmunk
  • Yellow-cheeked Chipmunk
  • Siskiyou Chipmunk
  • Panamint Chipmunk
  • Durango Chipmunk

Total Number of Chipmunks That Live in An Acre

One study shows that a large group of chipmunks (around 30 members) can live in a single acre of woodland. This condition is only applicable if there is a reliable source of water, food, and shelter for them to continue living.

Sometimes a large group of chipmunks doesn’t live together as they tend to fight if gets triggered. To understand their behavior, check here whether are chipmunks destructive or not!

Back to the point, you’ll see 3 or 5 chipmunks living on an acre comfortably if food and other necessary things are not available. 

By and large, it can raise to 10 members to live under the hole if there are no predator animals around them.

Chipmunks Do Have More Than One Home

Chipmunks like to live alone and so they have to prepare for storing foods, ensuring the max protection, while setting a comfortable life.

To make these all happen at one time, they make 2 homes (shallow and deeper burrows). One for resting needs and another for storing food before the winter.

You see, in the winter, they can’t go outside and find their food, water, or other necessary stuff. So, they plan beforehand to make deeper plus stronger burrows and start to store them in them so that their winter period goes fine without seeking outside.

On the other hand, the shallow burrow is for regular usage during the summer, autumn, and spring seasons.

Reasons Chipmunks Live Together

  • They live together to complete their mating needs under the female den and simply leave after some weeks (in most cases).
  • The Chipmunks need food, shelter, and protection so they live in one den as a colony to share all.
  • Mommy chipmunks have to live with babies for 1 month and 12 days to guide them while staying together and protecting their babies.
  • To protect one clan from another, the chipmunks sometimes live as a colony to help members when one is in need

Wrap Up

By nature, the chipmunks live together during the period of mating, delivery, and protection. Now you can take their unity as a good point until they come to your yard and destroy the farm together.

That’s how many chipmunks live together, and you know what to do legally to take care of them (only if they are damaging your land). Good Luck!

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