How to Keep Chipmunks Out of Flower Pots the Easy Way!

Seeing chipmunks can aww you until they show their real nature. These kinds of pests dig huge holes in flower pots poorly. So, it gets compulsory to keep them away.

You can use tiny pieces of Irish soap or spray a diluted solution of lemon juice and vinegar to spread around the flower pot. Otherwise, cover the pot using garden staples, nets, or dry thorns to ensure no damage to the flower. That’s how to keep chipmunks out of flower pots!

To get 5 different methods that work to keep them out from the flower pots, keep on reading as I’ll give the instructions with some details. Let’s Go!

how to keep chipmunks out of flower pots

Try To Keep Chipmunks Out of Flower Pots Using These Methods

If you are thinking in the back of your mind ‘how do I keep chipmunks out of my potted plants,’ then this section will help you with 5 different methods. Here are the directions:

Method #1: Use Irish Soap

  • Grab the one bar of Irish Spring Soap
  • Bring a kitchen knife and simply cut the bar into cubes. Make sure the cubes are 2” (5.08 cm) or larger pieces.
  • Take an old sock or glove and insert the cubes.
  • After that, tie the sock or glove up.
  • Use it right in the middle of your flower pot. You can also rearrange it to nearby places if you care about looks.
  • See the result in a week as it’ll deter chipmunks like magic!

Method #2: Try Garden Staples

  • Take a black PVC hardware mesh like the MTB Hardware Cloth. 
  • Cut it into 4 pieces in a square shape. Just be sure all the pieces are the same in size.
  • Hold the four pieces and insert the aluminum wire into the corner to make them look like a box. Just use the wire inside the big space in the hemming stitch. In the end, it should look like garden staples. 
  • After making it, place it in your precious flower pot.
  • Do the same thing for other flower pots to protect them.

Method #3: Dried Thorns Trick

  • Use dried thorns like Prosopis Juliflora if possible. You can grab any type of dead thorns based on your reach.
  • Place it right on top of the flower pot soil.
  • Then, you have to collect other dead thorns and place them on each flower pot to keep them safe against chipmunks. Do not worry they have better sensing of thorns, and the pest would avoid coming to the flower pot.

Method #4: Cover Flower Pots with Nets

  • Based on the number of flower pots, pick solid nets or baskets that are long and wide enough to use.
  • Organize your flower pot serially so that you can use the net properly.
  • Now, just place the basket in each pot. If you are covering the pots via the net, then wrap them using the big net and cover the upper area (plant). Ensure dog and cat are not reaching them as they can scratch.

Method #5: Spray DIY Diluted Solution

  • Make a mixture using 3 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of garlic or mint powder, and 2 cups of fresh water.
  • Mix them well. 
  • Place the diluted solution in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution around the flower pots. Ensure all the flowers and soil parts contain this diluted mixture. Just be sure the scents are visible in your nose.

Chipmunks Can Dig Holes in Potted Plants?

As digger creatures, the chipmunks have a habit of digging holes no matter where the plants are. They will dig and make holes in the potted plants as well as the ground.

It’s because they love to taste the bulbs and tender parts under the pot to bring out the root and new growths. That’s the reason why the plants die after chipmunks make holes.

Things To Keep Chipmunks Away from Flowers

There are a few things that help to get rid of chipmunks from the flowers like sunflowers. These includes:

1. Sprinkle Cayenne Pepper

You can get rid of chipmunks with cayenne pepper easily. All you need to do is to use 1 teaspoon of it in a bowl and simply sprinkle the powder around the flower pot. However, if you have kids and pets, it’s best to avoid this technique since this can attack their eyes.

2. Plant Thyme or Clove

Using plants of thyme or clove around the flower pot, it’ll help to keep the pest away from the garden. Not only they won’t bite the flower and ruin the root but also avoid coming to your yard.

If you can, just randomly place cloves around the flower pot’s soil which will help them to stay safe against most pests.

3. Pet A Cat or Dog

One of the best methods that work to keep chipmunks out from flowers is petting the cat or dog. Being a cool animal, one cat or dog is enough against 6 chipmunks. Even if the pet doesn’t do anything besides sleeping, still their presence is enough against the pest.

4. Set A Live Trap

Another trick that works is setting a live trap. How? it’s pretty easy however you have to lure them through solid bait. Learn how to lure a chipmunk out of hiding if you want to capture them easily.

Then, simply place the live trap cage or box by using the proper bait inside so that chipmunks go inside and get themselves trap.

After trapping them, you can either kill them in a human way (which I won’t suggest) or release them in a 15 km away zone.

5. Use Coffee Ground

Lastly, you can use raw coffee grounds or maybe make a mixture using it in 3 cups of water to spray around the flower pot. Do not worry as the coffee ground won’t damage the flowers if you use less.

Ending Note

Understanding how to keep chipmunks out of flower pots is essential when dealing with regular attacks of them. The hole that they make in the pot is pretty bad to repair. 

So, the best thing is to get rid of them using an effective method out of the above techniques. If it’s about one pest, then catch a chipmunk with a milk jug since this 100% works and takes less effort. 

Hope you like this guide to get solid ideas. Break A Leg!

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