How Long Do Groundhogs Live? [Groundhogs Lifespan]

Dealing with the groundhogs can be overwhelming and if you think they will not survive longer, you are wrong. The topic of how long do groundhogs live is still not answerable through specific years.

In general, the groundhogs will last for 3 – 6 years in the wild and survive up to 14 years in captivity. It is still hard to give a specific idea of lifespan as they can die naturally or accidentally.

I will try to bring all pieces into this guide to explain the lifespan of groundhogs, the location where it lives, and give some additional details on living habits.

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How Long Do Groundhogs Live?

How Long Groundhogs Live Depends On Quite a Few Factors

One of the interesting facts about groundhogs is that they live differently if stay indoors and outdoors. And that makes their lifespan diverse if counted. Let me explain the matter clearly:

Groundhog Lifespan in Wild

A study shows most groundhogs will live for around 3 to 5 years (36 to 60 months) if they stay outside and roam freely anywhere. This is how long do groundhogs live in the wild!

It happens due to the climate, food shortage, health issues, and so on, that cause them to live such a brief time. Some can even last for around 6 years or 72 months.

Groundhog Lifespan in Captivity

In the state of capture in a tiny room, the groundhogs can live for more than 10 years or 120 months. It is due to the habit of staying in a homely area that makes them live higher than the wild groundhogs.

A couple of groundhogs (aka woodchucks or whistle pigs) can stay alive for 15 years or 180 months with proper food, care, and other requirements.

Where Do Groundhogs Live During Winter, Summer & Spring.

So, are groundhogs smart to live in a secure place? Yep, they investigate covered and borrow type areas to live in based on the weather type.

In Winter Live

The groundhogs make big underground burrows in the wintertime to keep inside warm. As we all know, their body does not work during this weather, and HR (heart rate) drops while body temperature reaches 39° to 40° F.

The location underground in soil or hedgerows needs to be the warm and closed type which they make by digging.

In Summer

They choose grassy areas during the summertime to dig and make underground homes to stay and rest. Other than this, they aim to dig under forest soil and woodlots in warmer weather conditions.

In Spring

This is the period of their activity to ruin the farm. So, they roam in farm areas and dig under the soil to make their houses and eventually destroy the land as well as the garden.

Do Groundhogs Live Alone?

Whether do groundhogs live in groups or solo is a matter that can seem confusing. They (the usual variant) tend to live alone with no partner or friend.

If talking about male vs female groundhog, they can meet or stay at home for a while. But, both male and female groundhogs will never live together as they are solitary wildlife.

FYI, toddler groundhogs when start to grow, they begin to dig a large hole to stay alone in that and continue their social life.

But here is the kicker! During the time of mating, the male and female groundhogs live together under the same burrow or ground hole for 31 to 32 days.

The male groundhogs can visit the female groundhogs to continue their social groups. In this kind of event, adults one male and two females can meet in a different hole.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a group of groundhogs called?

The ground of groundhogs is called a Coterie that tends to stay together and spend their time roaming around the landscape.

2. Do groundhogs come back every year?

In the late February to early April months, every year groundhogs come back to the farm where food is sufficient.

3. How old is the oldest groundhog?

The oldest groundhog also known as Phil is 135 years old. The club members predicted his existence since 1887 which makes him the oldest groundhog.

Overall Thoughts

No matter if it is about seeking ideas or wanting to pet them, that is how long do groundhogs live in wild and captivity states.

Petting them will not be an issue if they stay in a small room which is ideal for them. And bear in mind that they will survive not more than 2 – 15 years at max based on the location.

But, if you allow them to enter outside, be prepared for the destruction of your landscape as they will dig it no matter what. Hope this guide helps you get the ultimate knowledge. I will Catch You on The Next Guide. Till Then, Bye!

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