How to Get Rid of Chipmunks Bucket Method (Easiest)!

Sometimes the live trap via cage or box fails miserably and you can’t catch the pesky chipmunks. Using the bucket method is one of the best traps.

You’ll need to grab the needed tools and follow the right instructions. And then, learn how to get rid of chipmunks bucket method below:

  1. Bring needed tools.
  2. Spot the nest.
  3. Prepare the bucket using a wood stick and a piece like a seesaw.
  4. Insert ramp and use baits.
  5. Catch it inside the bucket.

So, if you are losing fruits and veggies from your yard, keep on reading to get the details on this method. Let’s GO!

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks Bucket Method

To Get Rid of Chipmunks, Try Bucket Method!

You can keep chipmunks out of flower pots or gardens which contain crops with the bucket trick. Under this segment, I’m going to show you the instructions but be sure to prepare the tools given below.

  • Gather tools which are a bucket, wood ramp, flat piece of wood, and some foods that chipmunk like.
  • Locate their house and mark it using something visible.
  • Bring the empty bucket and use a stick-on top of it.
  • Then, place a thick wood piece on top of the stick. Just be sure the upper wood piece can go like a seesaw when the chipmunks walk in.
  • Use the wood ramp on the side of the bucket. Place it near the wood piece.
  • Fill food that chipmunks love to eat like berries, grapes, cucumbers, apples, and so on. Leave some food on the ramp, wood stick, and the road from their house.
  • Check in the next day in the early morning. If you see chipmunks, it’s the golden period when you have to catch them using a trap cage or other tools. Or maybe close the lid and travel to the far way distinct to release it there.

Get Rid of Chipmunks in A 5 Gallon Bucket

Tired of seeing your garden fruits and veggies are half-eaten by chipmunks for 4 – 8 times per hour? Then, this technique is what I want to recommend as it confirms the success to get rid of them forever. Follow the given directions:

Required Tools:

  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • 2×4 Wood Pieces
  • Screw Gun
  • Screws
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Peanut Butter
  • Water Source from Garden Hose

Step 1: Take the Wood Pieces & Insert 2 Screws

  • Take the 2×4 lumber or cedar wood pieces to your working station.
  • Grab the screw gun and some screws.
  • Insert 2 screws on the tip of some 2×4 wood pieces.

Step 2: Bring 5 Gallon Bucket & Fill 1/3 Water

  • Take the 5 gallons of buckets and clean them properly.
  • Hold the garden hose and fill clean water in the buckets. You have to fill 1/3 water based on bucket size.
  • Use each bucket in the places where chipmunks appear the most.
  • Place one 2×4 wood piece by attaching the screw areas inside each bucket.

Step 3: Use the Attractive Baits

  • Take sunflower seeds and add them to the bucket of water. Makes sure the bucket doesn’t show water.
  • Then, use the peanut butter on the 2×4 wood pieces so the chipmunks go straight to the trap.
  • Place foods that chipmunks dislike inside their home so they come out of the nest. You can use clove, mint, chili pepper powder, or other ingredients. Learn can cayenne pepper deter chipmunks.

Step 4: See Result in The Next Morning

  • Wait for the next morning and do not touch the bucket or wood pieces.
  • You will see the chipmunks inside the water. Don’t worry they won’t die if you use this method in the early morning and wait there to immediately catch the pest through cage or box.

Catching Chipmunks in A Bucket of Water Works

Yes, it works to catch the chipmunks inside the water based on the level. You have to ensure the water level is not more than 1/3 so that the chipmunks stay alive. Or else, they can drown in the water and won’t survive.

Plus, you have to aim at the spots where chipmunks come out on a regular basis to place the bucket of water and catch them easily.

Ending Note

A pest that eats plants, herbs, and fruits while ruining the garden’s appearance is a chipmunk. The saddest thing is it doesn’t come alone but attacks in groups. So, it gets compulsory to learn how to get rid of chipmunks bucket method and try it.

In case nothing works for you, try how to catch a chipmunk with a milk jug as I find it pretty simple to get the job done. Hope you like this guide and find it helpful. Bye!

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