Effective Ways to Keep Rodents out of the Car!

You might love the cute little rodents for how they look but what they do is completely opposite! Yes, no matter if they are in your house, garden, or car- they are dangerous. Especially, when in the car, they can chew the cables and cause faulty wiring.

From chewing the cables to causing faulty wiring- things can go big and cause severe accidents. And to reduce it, you should know the right way to deter rodents.

Here, we have brought you the easiest yet strategic ways to tell you how to keep rodents out of your car. We have discussed the right parking space to the perfect deterrent you should use for the problem!

how to keep rodents out of your car

How to Keep Rodents out of Your Car?

So, you are already tired of the odor of the rodents that are inside your car. Now you’re sure who’s the culprit! So how do you rodent-proof a car? Let’s talk about it!

The list is designed with effective techniques, hope they work for you too!

● The Right Parking Area

The very reason why the rodents get into your car is the place where you park your car. You cannot get your hands in the dustbin and expect it to stay clean.

So, well, the first step to keeping your car away from mice, rats, or any other rodent is to park your car in a clean and roomy area. Never settle for the grassy areas.

Also, look out for the old trash boxes- don’t park your area in this place. While making space for your car in the garage, make sure the garage is neat and clean.

● Exposure to Sufficient Light

It’s important that you maintain sufficient light sources wherever you keep your car. Rodents like rats and mice will love to stay hidden in the dark and will get into the car only when they are comfortable.

And your job is to never make them feel that comfort. As they don’t prefer light, make sure you switch on the light in the garage at night. An adequate amount of light will make them feel there are people out there.

If there are rodents inside the cat, you can simply keep the cat hood open. It will ensure light inside the car’s hidden areas. And eventually, the rodents will not stay in.

● Keep them Hungry

That might sound a little harsh but if you want to keep your car safe from rodents, keeping them hungry is vital. At times, you eat food inside the car and leave chunks and bits of the food.

This will attract rodents. The same goes for the outside of the car. If you leave food close to the car, the rodents will get attracted. After eating them, they will hide inside the car as it’s the closest hidden place they’ll find!

At times, children drop food crumbs inside or close to the car. Make sure you clean them up as soon as you can.

Also, some of us feed our dogs and cats in the garage and leave the food there. This might invite uninvited guests. 

● Block Small Entrances

The small entrances are the ones that the rodents prefer when it comes to getting inside your car. The best you can do is block the entrances.

If you feel the smell or noise that a rodent makes inside the car, be sure that the guest is inside. And after you have removed it, you have to take serious precautions the next time.

Check the outer part of your car and search for the small entrances. Even the tiniest holes can result terribly. Find them out and seal them with a mesh.

Before sealing them, make sure you contact a trusted mechanic. Sealing any hole without any knowledge might end worse.

● Pets as Guards

Pets can be an incredible option to keep away rodents both indoors and outdoors. The same thing applies to cars. All you need is to get your cat or dog inside the car once in a while.

Or you can keep them around the car. Let them enjoy their time around your car or garage. This works as a biological deterrent for rodents.

In the fear of the pets, the rodents will leave. Even if they stay inside the car, when they smell your pets, they will leave the place immediately.

● Start the Engine

Well, if you keep your car in your garage or in any specific place for a long period, chances are, rodents will feel at home there.

The best way is to start the engine every day. Even if you don’t want to travel anywhere, just start the engine for a while every day.

Don’t keep it unused for a long time. They don’t like the smell of the engine. You don’t want your car to be a breeding nest for rodents, right?

● Drive the Car

The best way to keep rodents away is to drive a car frequently. As we have mentioned above, they don’t like the smell of the car.

Besides, rodents have sharp teeth and they will cut through almost anything. If you keep your car unused for a long period, chances are it will cut through the wires.

This is why we recommend you drive the car. A frequently moving car will keep them away from your vehicle.

● Electronic Deterrent

Another amazing way to push them away is to use an electronic deterrent. Some of you might be listening to it for the very first time but it has been on the market for a long time now.

There are gadgets available in the market that will emanate sound or vibration that will bother rodents. With these motion-sensitive gadgets, it gets easier for you to keep the rodents away.

They don’t like the sound or vibration they hear. It’s a one-time investment. So, if you are troubled by rodents, you can try it out.

● Common Deterrent

You have already heard about electronic repellent. But what is the best rodent repellent for cars? Rodents don’t like the strong smell of peppermint oil. The same goes for the cayenne pepper.

People often use these to keep their gardens safe from rodents. You can try them on your car too. Go for making a spray with peppermint oil or cayenne pepper.

You can add these sprays to a cotton ball and then place them in your car. As cayenne pepper can get you and your family irritation too, make sure you place them strategically.

However, you have to keep reapplying this if you want to keep the rodents away. Besides, you can settle for dog hair or human hair as deterrents.

Another alternative to these is cedar wood. They don’t like the smell of all these deterrents- try them out!

● Trap them with Traps

You can use any trap you prefer for trapping the rodents. Go for the old-fashioned snap traps if you want.

Also, you can make the glue trap work too if you want to keep the car rodent-free. However, it is torture to the rat. If you love rodents, make sure you use a torture-free trap to trap them.

We don’t recommend using poison because it is a torment in a way. If any other animal eats the poisoned rodent, it can be harmful too!

Wrap Up

We have already mentioned the best and most effective ways to keep your car safe from rodents. Rodents are harmful to your car as they can make your car dirty and also cut the wires.

But we suggest you not use poison as if they die inside, your car is going to smell like a dirtbag!

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