Capybara Laws – Is It Legal to Own a Capybara?

Before you get excited and jump straight into looking how much is a capybara, it’s wise to know if it’s lawful or violates the law. Guess what? Found the answer which I will share it with you! 

So, is it legal to own a capybara? You can get it from some states while other states ban or need permission or perhaps semi-ban to own a capybara. For permission of owning it, you’ll need to prepare documents and $100 – $200 dollars. 

To know the law in different countries (US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, and so on), keep on reading this guide!

Capybara Laws - Is It Legal to Own a Capybara?

In Some States, It Is Legal to Own a Capybara

You’ll see a lot of states that allow the capybara as pets, but a good number of states forbid it at the same time. Let me show you in which states are capybaras legal and illegal.

Are Capybaras Legal in the UK?

In the UK, you’ll not need permission like a license, permit, or register. Keeping the capybara as a pet isn’t illegal. That means yes, it’s lawful and won’t charge you for violating the law.

Can You Own Capybaras in the US?

In the United State, you’ll find a lot of cities that let you own wildlife creatures like the capybara, but some strictly restrict them. The largest number of capybaras can be found in the US, so they provide these kinds of rules on petting capy. Which are:

Can You Own Capybaras in the US

Are Capybaras Legal in Canada?

There is no law against those who keep the water hog or capybara in their home for petting in Canada. Plus, it doesn’t need permission or registration to confirm the procedure.

Are Capybaras Legal in Brazil?

You won’t be able to pet the capybaras in Brazil as it violates the laws and regulations. They ban dangerous animals that can harm people’s health. Under this segment, I’ll mention some of the states of Brazil that ban petting the capybaras:

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Angra dos Reis
  • Barra Mansa
  • Campos dos Goytacazes
  • Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas
  • Copacabana
  • Duque de Caxias
  • Nilópolis
  • Niterói
  • Nova Friburgo

Can You Own Capybaras in The Netherlands?

Most cities of the Netherlands won’t let usual folks keep the water hog. They let folks adopt from outside instead of buying from a breeding place. Plus, they ban trading and breeding work for exotic animals including capybaras.

Can You Own a Capybara in Ireland?

In Ireland, you might need to go through the paperwork to get a license to own a capybara. If some species have CITES requirements, then it is fully illegal to buy or sell the water hog. They also suggest investigating the environment of the breeder place before buying.

Here are a few hacks:

  • Be sure to know about the breeder or seller who needs to be trustworthy and experienced. If needed, test them by asking how to feed a baby capybara or other health-related queries.
  • Confirm that the eyes of the capybara are bright and free from discharge.
  • Locate the vent area which needs to be clear of urine and waste scents.
  • Find the tank and check if it smells or seems dirty. 

If nothing seems clean or trustable, avoid the breeder!

This Is How to Get a License to Own a Capybara!

To get a license to own a capybara, you’ll need to know that it’ll need a few bucks for the fees and others. To get the registration and license paper, you need to confirm these 4 factors:

  • 2 years of hands-on experience with the capybara through meeting ala managerial permit.
  • Letter of approval from the local government body.
  • The total fee is around $100 – $200 (sometimes it can cost more).
  • Enclosed requirements:
  • A cage is needed which should be 24’ long x 15’ wide for a single capybara. For another capybara, the cage size needs to enlarge by 30% side by side.
  • Steeped or non-skipped pool is needed that should be 6’ wide x 8’ long x 4’ deep for a single capybara. If you add another capybara as a pet, then the pool size needs to expand by 30% side by side.
  • General requirements:
    • You have to be a citizen of a particular country to get permission aka citizenship.
    • Provide the bill of sale as evidence of legally obtained capybara.
    • Climate-controlled shelter for capybaras so that they can live well.
    • You need to be inspected by the state government to get permission.
    • Sometimes it’s vital to show the USDA license for extra proof.
    • Wildlife importation permit.
    • Certificate of health for capybara.

Ending Note

So, is it legal to own a capybara? Based on your location, I hope you have the answer. Now it’s time to decide whether to buy one or not. Just be sure to get the license if your state will give permission by following the above direction. Hope you find it helpful and informative enough. See Yea!

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