Irish Spring Soap as Rodent Repellent: Does it Work?

Irish Spring soap will turn into one of your favourite soaps if you smell it- yes, the fragrance is outstanding. But another reason this soap is famous is as a rodent repellant.

So, does it work for deterring mice and rats? To be true to our readers, this method isn’t proven. Some will swear on the method as it worked for them. On the contrary, the method never worked at all for the others!

While the statement “Irish Spring soap deters rodents” is confusing, we would like to discuss it a little. Do rodents hate Irish spring soap or do they love it? If the method works, how should you apply it? We have it all figured out here!

Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Rodents Away

Does Irish Spring Soap work on Rodents?

Irish spring soap has a reputation for killing rodents- some of you won’t believe it, but it’s true. Yes, this soap works on the rodents like a repellant.

Rodents are very specific about scents. While they prefer some scents they avoid others. And if they hate any specific fragrance, they will immediately leave the place.

While Irish spring soap can be your utmost favourite, rodents are not like humans. Mostly, rodents don’t like the smell of this soap. As a result, when you keep it around them, chances are, they will leave the place.

The Confusion

But the question is- does Irish Spring work for rodents every time? Well, though some people absolutely love how they are able to repel rodents especially mice and rats with this soap, some will argue.

It’s because soap isn’t a proven method to repel rodents. While in some cases, the soap works like magic, in some, it doesn’t do any job. Also, some of the users have mentioned that they have seen the rodents eat the soap. It’s not something they would prefer to eat.

But well, when they get nothing else to eat, they will eventually eat whatever is available. So, we cannot really tell you that the method works. But you can try it out as many homeowners have tried it and got benefits.

How to Repel Rodents with Irish Spring Soap

We have listed two different ways of using Irish Spring soap for eradicating rodents. Yes, we do not vouch for these ways but if you are tired of the rodents in your house, it is a must-try. Check them out!

Methods to Repel Rodents with Irish Spring Soap

To begin with, there are two different types of Irish spring soap available in the market. One of them is bar soap and another is liquid. You can try to repel rodents with both soap types.

1. Irish Spring Soap Bar

  1. Check out the bar soaps available in the market and pick up the one you prefer. It’s better if you go for 2-3 bars at least.
  1. Once you’ve got your hands on the soap bar, you have to take the bars near a warm window. There, your soap bar will soften a little.
  1. When you are done softening the soap bars, you need to grate the bars in a plastic bag.
  1. After the grating process, it’s time to place the bars in the right place. Check the cracks and corners of your house. Also, check the basements and drawers. Also, you can place the bars near any hole inside your house.
  1. No matter where the mice are active or you feel it, you have to place the shaving there.

2. Liquid Irish Spring Soap

  1. After getting your hands on the liquid Irish spring soap of your choice, get a spare spray bottle. Then you have to pour half of the bottle into a spray bottle.
  1. Now you are done with the liquid soap. At this point, you need to fill half of the bottle with soap, you need to add water to it. Fill the other half of the spray bottle with water.
  1. Once you are done, you have to shake the spray bottle carefully. Make sure that the ingredients are mixed properly.
  1. Now, your job is to spray the mixture anywhere you feel there’s a rodent. Go through the cracks and the corners of your room. Don’t miss the drawers and closet.
  1. It’s a great way to wipe down the areas with liquid soap where the rodent moves frequently.

Does Irish Spring Soap Kill Rodents

This rumour can confuse you a lot, but the truth is, it doesn’t kill rodents. Yes, we agree that Irish Spring soap may work as a rodent repellant. We have described above that the fragrance of this soap can be disturbing to rodents.

And eventually will deter them. But repelling and killing are not the same thing. The soap might deter the rodents but will not kill them. Keep in mind that it’s a rumour.

Do Rodents like Irish Spring Soap?

As we have mentioned above, some research shows that a few rodents have eaten the soap. You might think that it’s a waste of your money, which it really is.

Not all rodents act the same and so, you can’t expect them to pursue the same nature. To answer this question, we can say that they do not necessarily like the Irish Spring soap.

But when they have no other options to feed themselves, they can choose an Irish Spring soap to fill up their stomach.

What happens if a Rodent Eats Irish Spring Soap?

According to a study by the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, soap is harmful to rodents. The soap contains triclosan.

If the rodents eat it for a long term or are exposed to it for a period of six months, they might encounter live tumours. Going to war with rodents can be drastic, don’t you think?

Wrap Up

We have told you the myths and truths about the Irish Spring soap. If you are done with the rodents and you want to repel them anyway, you can try this soap in your house or car.

But we can’t tell you it will work. And so, we would recommend going for other rodent-deterrent methods that are guaranteed to work.

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