How Much Is a Capybara – Step Towards Pet Ownership

A water hog or capybara is a calm and cool buddy that brings comfort to a house. Due to its unique attitude, folks get interested to pet it from a known reputable breeder to purchase.

But how much is a capybara? In most cases, the water hog costs up to $520 to $8,000 based on size, gender, and the number of purchases. Sometimes it can cost more while other times the breeder might give a discount.

In this guide, I’ll show you the purchase price for capybara so that this topic becomes easy to understand. Here I Go!

How Much Is a Capybara – Step Towards Pet Ownership

Find How Much Is a Capybara Before Getting One

If you are planning to purchase a water hog to make it a member of your house, then it’s the right time to know how much are capybaras as pets. Let me show you the buying price for capybaras:

How Much Is Huge Capybara Worth AKA The Adult One?

The king-size capybara will cost a lot as a pet in the US and other south–north areas. Plus, the male capybara is less pricey in comparison to the female capybara.

Cost Of Male Adult Capybara

The male adult water hog from the well-known and responsible breeder will cost around $520 to $2,000 per animal. That means if you take 2 or more the price will rise twice or above. In some cases, the breeder can give discounts for purchasing more animals.

Cost Of Female Adult Capybara

Just like the male adult type, the breeder who is good in this field will let you buy a female adult capybara at $1000 to $2500 price for each. Sometimes you can get it with a reduction of the listed price tag. 

Cost Of Female & Male Adult Capybara

What if you want to buy a male and a female capybara? In that case, the price will be around $1,520 to $4,500 at max per animal set. In some places, you’ll find discounts saying buy 4 (2 adult males and females) capybaras in the $8,000 range.

How Much Is Small Capybara Worth Aka the Baby One?

The tiny capybara that needs feeding to grow healthier and longer might cost differently for the male and female sections. In that case, a female water hog will cost less than a male capybara.

Cost Of Male Baby Capybara

A 2-year-old capybara who is male will take around $1,550 each to purchase since it needs more care and maintenance to grow at this stage.

Cost Of Female Baby Capybara

To purchase a 2-year-old female baby capybara, you will need to put up to $1,100 each in the breeder’s pocket. It might cost less but this also needs care and feeding to grow at this stage.

Cost Of Male & Female Baby Capybara

If you are aiming to buy one male and female baby capybara to grow them together, then the cost might increase from $ 2,450 to $2,650 per set. Some breeders can give discounts for 2 or more sets by reducing $1,000 to $2,000 from the total costs.

The Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Capybara

  • As you are planning to become the father or mother of a loving water hog, it’s time to get food, nutrition, and supplement for them based on their age.
  • Be sure to prepare the health certification and other needed documents to get permission to pet water hogs. For further information, check if is it legal to own a capybara or not.
  • Make a room empty for the pet which needs to be around 10 – 25 acres with a big water tub and playground so that it can do whatever is inside.
  • Keep their room hot and at the right temperature which a lot of people avoid.
  • Check the nearby vet and contact them since you have to go to check on the capybara’s health condition.

Is Capybara a Good Pet? (Yay or Nay)

Is Capybara a Good Pet? (Yay or Nay)

Yep, the water hog is a good pet due to its calm and relaxed behavior. I find it good for keeping it outside rather than inside the home.

It’s true that the animal never does troublesome acts like scratching the bed and other acts. But one thing that can cause issues is the pooping habit. The capybara will randomly poop here and there and sometimes eats its own waste.

Petting Capybara Is a Good Idea

Yes, petting the capybara is a good idea but only if it gets the outside nature touch! Domesticate capybara at your home is often a bad thing, especially for the mental peace of the animal. 

Most creatures are created to see nature and live by surviving through outside sources. When one takes the capybara at home where the animal isn’t domestic, this can affect badly to its health. 

Plus, the capybara can show aggressive and flighty signs with its nails and teeth. It happens as the water hog comes from another zone which causes them to feel frightened. 

Another reason is they have tons of ticks inside their fur which convey illness causing your family to feel sick and have health crises.

However, if you are able to clean them on a daily basis, then it won’t be an issue. So, it’s best to pet them if you have an exterior place like a cow farm.

Overall Thoughts

That’s how much is a capybara! The pricing is expensive compared to most animals. Instead of buying it from a reputable breeder, I would suggest you look for the lonely and lovely capybara outside that needs shelter, food, and care if you need it badly.

It depends on you to decide as I can only suggest and help to provide the right info. Lastly, make sure to give it proper care, shelter, nutrition, and other needed stuff. 

Hope you like this guide to collecting pettings information including price. Adios!

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