Roughly Idea of How Big Is a Capybara

When I see myself next to a capybara, it causes me to think about its height, length, and mass. Thanks to my curiosity, I got the answer.

So, how big is a capybara? The adult capybara is around 3.48 – 4.40 ft L x 20” – 24” in H with 77 – 146 lbs. mass. However, the baby capy is 7” – 9” in L x 3.67” – 4” in H with a 2 – 5 lbs. mass. If talking about physical traits in gender, she-capybara is larger than the male one.

In 3 lines, it might seem hard to analyze. That is why I’ll discuss this matter for your better understanding. Let’s Get into It!

Roughly Idea of How Big Is a Capybara

So How Big is A Capybara?

Based on the types of capybaras in this era, you’ll find differences in length (even if both seem HUGE from afar). To make it clear, I’ll show the informative factors about these 2 species of capybara so that you can know it in a better way.

Capybara (H. Hydrochaeris)

It’s the most common type which can be found in South and North US part as well as other states like Brazil, Colombia, and so on. Based on stages of life and gender, they can grow in different lengths and show diverse bodily traits. Here’s what I mean:

How Big Is a Full Grown Capybara?

In most cases, an adult capybara is approximately 1.06 to 1.34 meters (3.48 to 4.40 feet) long. That’s not all, its wither is around 20” to 24” inches (508 to 610 mm) in height which seems huge if you observe the body closely.

Most of the time, you’ll find it has around 77 to 146 lbs. (35 to 66 kg) weight point which is healthy for a grownup.

How Big Is a Baby Capybara?

The pup is usually 1/6 of a grownup capybara which makes it tiny not big TBH. That means the baby is around 7” to 9” inches (18 to 23 cm) in length. 

According to most experts, its weight is 2 to 3 lbs. (1 to 1.5 kg) at birth. The weight and height of the pup will eventually grow as it steps into toddler time.

How Big Is a Female Capybara?

Coming to the most-asked topic, she-capybara is quite heavier and bigger than the males in general. Most of the female capybaras are 1 to 1.30 meters (3.30 to 4.30 feet) long approximately in an adult state.

You’ll also find the female capybaras are 20” to 24” inches (50 to 60 cm) tall in height at the back which makes them larger than he-capybaras. 

On average, the weight of a female capybara is around 134.48 lbs. (61 kg) due to the webbed long feet, vestigial tails, and belly muscles.

How Big Is a Male Capybara?

By and large, the male capybara is 110.23 lbs. (50 kg) in weight which makes them quite slimmer than females. Other than that, its height is around 17” to 21” inches (42 to 52 cm) from the foot to the shoulder.

If talking about the length of the he-capybara, then it would be 1 to 1.23 meters (3.10 to 4.038 feet) long approximately (adult one).

The reason why the male capybara tends to have less weight, height, and length is due to the short muscular legs, small body muscles, and sleek tail.

Lesser Capybara (H. Isthmius)

Being a rare and unique animal, this type of capybara is naturally tiny in height and length compared to the usual one. Oddly enough, most of the capybaras are only 1 meter (around 3 feet) long and tend to have 28 kg (62 lbs.) weight.

  • Male lesser capybara tends to be smaller and slimmer than the female type.
  • Baby lesser capybara is around 20.574 cm (8.10 inches).

Are Capybaras Bigger Than Dogs?

Are Capybaras Bigger Than Dogs

Even if both have close height, length, and weight points, it’s still hard to tell whether capybaras are larger or dogs. Logically, both seem to have similar ranges, but one slightly is bigger than another. Look at the given comparison table to understand well.

comparison table between capybaras and dogs

Winner: It’s clear that the adult and baby capybaras are definitely bigger than adult dogs and pups.

The Biggest Capybara in The World!

Wondering what is the biggest capybara ever recorded? For the female and male sections, I’ll mention the record-holding largest capys that are still unbeatable today.

  • From Brazil, 201 lbs. (91 kg) of the capybara holds the record in the female section.
  • From Uruguay, 162 lbs. (73.5 kg) of the capybara gets the record in the male section for being the biggest in this field.

How Big Is a Capybara Compared to A Human?

It actually depends on the height of an individual (human) as we can be 5 feet or 6 feet which can make the calculation difficult for everyone to relate. 

The easiest way you can understand the height difference between you and your fellow capybara to compare is by dividing your height by the capybara’s max height.

For example, if you are 60 inches (5 feet) and the capybara’s height is 20 inches, then the difference is (60”/20”) 3 inches. 

Wrap Up

It’s always fun to discover new things like how big is a capybara, right? But it’s also equally important. Based on the length, height, and mass, hopefully now you can feed your pet accurately.

I have also given some of the related topics in case that might help you know some of the unknown stuff in this day and age. Hope you like them as well as the real topic. 

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