How to Keep Mice and Chipmunks Out of Your House!

Mice and chipmunks give a mini heart attack to most when they start to ruin the home basement plus stay inside to keep on destroying the precious stuff. Pain Is Real!

So, how to keep mice and chipmunks out of your house? Do these to get it done easily:

  • Use scents that they dislike.
  • Pet a cat to take care of them.
  • Add mesh to open areas.
  • Clean the bin.
  • Trap them.

Don’t panic! In this guide, I’ll share 5 possible ways to get rid of them with additional detail that might help you with information.

How to Keep Mice and Chipmunks Out of Your House

Keep Mice and Chipmunks Out of Your House Using Easy Tricks

It’s possible to get rid of annoying animals like mice and chipmunks by doing solid work that might take a few bucks and effort. These includes:

1. Add Fragrances That They Hate.

Using scents that repel chipmunks and mice will keep them away. Place these in the home corners where they appear the most. That way it will help them out permanently. 

For that, it’s vital to know where chipmunks live and the mice to place the smelly food nearby. Here are the scents that they don’t like:

Smell That Mice HateSmell That Chipmunks Hate
AmmoniaLemon or Garlic
Mint ToothpasteCinnamon
Chili PowderEucalyptus
Coffee or TeaCitrus

2. Place Cat Inside Your Home.

Unbelievably, the cat will do the job perfectly to help you get rid of both mice and chipmunks. By keeping your lovely cat inside the home, they will run for life and won’t disturb you for an extended period.

3. Insert Mesh on Open Spaces.

You must cover all the windows, exterior doors, and underneath areas that are exposed. A little or big space needs to be covered using mesh. Mice can get inside your house if locate a small hole as well as the chipmunks, so be careful about that.

If you need one, try the TOOLTRIZ Window Screen Repair Kit that offers mesh, roller, knife, tape, and so on to fully take care of windows and other open spaces.

4. Get Rid of Trash & Garbage.

Mice and chipmunks usually get attracted to the place where they find a lot of trash that contains nuts and cereals. 

It is one of the main reasons why they are living with you in the house. Keep your house clean with no garbage filled with their favorite foods in the bin. 

5. If Nothing Works, Trap Them!

Mice usually don’t last more than 12 – 18 months at max while chipmunks survive for up to 11 years. That’s how long do chipmunks live!

After facing damage to the cloths, wooden stuff, and your kitchen foods, you don’t want to wait for 1 to 11 years for them to die naturally. Just get a mice and chipmunk trapper to catch them.

Ensure to place attractive foods like nuts, bread, peanut butter (most recommended), chocolate, and so on food inside the trapper. They will come near to the cage and get stuck inside. The next morning, take care of them in a human manner.

5 Signs Shows Mice & Chipmunks Are Inside Your House!

  • If you locate a lot of droppings in the home, it is the most common sign that indicates that mice and chipmunks are living. Chipmunks drop tiny black rice-like poop while mice drop 2 – 4 mm thick bullet-like poop.
  • Both bite a lot. So, check your electric wires, clothes, food, and anything that is chewable contains bite marks or not. If so, that means they seize your house.
  • Seeing black shadows frequently especially near to curtain or kitchen table. If that happens to you, it indicates the chances of mice as well as chipmunks.
  • Scratch or gnaw marks are another sign of their invasion of your house.
  • The unpleasant odor comes from the water line, or the waste indicates their existence in your home.

Mice and Chipmunks Can Enter Your House

As you know, some foods attract them to come to your house. But if your home is not secure and has big gaps, then these annoying creatures enter without pressing the calling bells.

In fact, they can come to your house if locate a tiny gap inside the water pipe or vents in the bathroom. Seriously! The most common path for them to get to your house is the window and exterior door.

Chipmunks can enter through the balcony by climbing the nearby tree even if you live on the 2nd floor. Some mice can invade your house by digging under the soil which most likely happens once in a blue moon.

Get Rid of Mice & Chipmunks Outside Your House Too!

By doing some simple activities, you can easily get rid of both mice and chipmunks from outside your house. Here’s how to do it yourself:

  • Clean your garden grasses and flower that contain debris. Keep the outside neat and tidy! Ensure to cut the grass and shape it a little.
  • Plant onion, pepper, and some of the plants that mice and chipmunks don’t like to smell outside near your house.
  • Insert some traps outside in case you see some. Use food like nuts or bread inside each trap.
  • Use chipmunk and mice repellent like the Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent to discourage them to come to your land.

Chipmunks Will Keep Mice Away (Not a Myth)

Yes, chipmunks can help get rid of the little mice that irritate a lot. It’s a fact but not all of them are able to do that.

Some of them can do it since the chipmunk family has a tradition of eating each other in times of fighting. So, do chipmunks eat mice? It’s not a mystery as most of them are under the same order (Rodentia) and tend to do this kind of act.

Analysis the real-life events, it’s true that some chipmunks do kill the mice group when having serious combat. Why?

The real reason is the threat that they feel. Sometimes they (chipmunks) fear their life when fighting with a group of mice which can trigger them badly to kill them (mice) to death.

This kind of case is a rare jam as they mostly consume nuts, buds, grass, shoots, and other vegetables to keep them hungry-free. So, no need to fear chipmunks, instead learn whether are chipmunks destructive here!

In Conclusion 

That’s how to keep mice and chipmunks out of your house! These kinds of annoying animals can ruin the inside and outside stuff of your apartment poorly.

So, it gets compulsory to take care of them in a human manner. The above piece of detail should be enough for you to understand the whole thing. Now, try the techniques and give yourself a big hug to complete this kind of task.

Take Care, Bye!

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