How Much Does It Cost To Rodent-Proof A House?

A house full of rodents making noise here and it is disturbing. Imagine, the guests getting in and smelling that dead rat that you couldn’t get out of the wall. It’s equally embarrassing and dangerous for your house.

Thanks to rodent-proofing methods with which you can now remove all the rodents from your house. But well, it will cost you a good sum. For the DIY method, you have to keep $150-$500 and for professional help, it will cost $500-$5000 depending on several factors.

We have made a list of the cost to rodent-proof a house here. We agree the expense is a little high, not more than the protection of your house.

How Much Does It Cost To Rodent-Proof A House

Rodent Proofing a House:

Rodent-proof is still a new term when it comes to new homeowners. It entirely depends on where you live and if rodents live in your home or not. The solutions for this can start from simple cleaning and maintaining of the house.

And it will be sufficient if there are only a few rodents. However, things might require special attention if there are a lot of rodents disturbing you, the foundation of the house, or making your home smelly.

The process might require sealing the access points of the rodents. Caulking the entrances will safeguard the home from future rodent access. For this job, you must contact professional animal control.

There are rodent removal companies for proofing your house. Their tools and knowledge of how to eradicate rodents are way better than ours. 


Cost of Rodent Control

The cost of rodent-proofing a house highly depends on how you continue the process. So, how do you rodent-proof a house? Well, you can depend on the professionals or you can go for the DIY process. Both of these methods and their costs are explained here- take a look.

● Initial Examination Cost

For the initial examination and determination of what kind of rodent lives in your house require pest control companies. This will cost you more or less $90. In cases, this can go high up above $250.

The process includes the determination of the rodents along with what type of damage they have done to your house.

Besides, it also covers the identification of the entrances of the rodents. This will help the company know where they will be placing or setting the traps required.

● The Costing in the Document

After the company is done with the initial identification and determination, they will afford you a written explanation of their entire job. From the rodents, you have in your house to the extent of damage they have done.

Besides, they will come up with the necessary repair methods. This covers the cleanup too. It will cost you about $200.

However, at times, the damage is a lot more than you expect. In this case, the cost will increase. And depending on the size of the house you have, it can go high up above $2000.

● The Requirements Detail

The price will fluctuate depending on the size of the house you have. Not only this but the size of the rodent infestation is also a factor here. The number of entry points that require to be sealed will be included in the written document.

The more entry points, the more the payment. The same goes for the number of baits or traps the company will use. Also, the number of trips the company needs to check might vary depending on the damage and the size of the house.

For every added trip, the price will increase. And finally, the amount of damage the rodents have done and the extent of repair required will be counted. The price entirely varies on the damage, and the entire repair and decontaminating requirements.

● The Companies and their Price Range

But how much does it cost to rodent-proof a house via a professional company? Well, depending on the company you are using, the cost may vary. The All State Pest Control in Utah will cost you an average of $300 to $500 for the process.

It includes a complete mouse removal procedure. However, the type of rodent is a factor too. In the case of rat removal, the cost will be more. It will increase to $100 if needed.

On the contrary, the Puget Sound Rodent Control in Tacoma, WA will cost you $200 to $800 for the package. This includes the initial inspection, rodent-proofing exclusion, cleaning out, and finally, disinfection. 

● Regular Maintenance Cost

The modern houses of these days only require trapping rodents and sealing the entrances. In this case, ongoing maintenance is not required. Besides, in some houses, complete rodent-proofing is not possible.

And in such scenarios, regular maintenance is the most important deal. For regular maintenance, you might need to pay about $30 to $85 every month.

The price will increase depending on varied factors. There are quarterly services available if you don’t want to settle for the monthly ones.

● DIY Rodent-Proofing Cost

You are no professional, we agree to that. You can do it yourself and it can help you reduce a lot of bucks. For the mechanical trap models, you might need to pay $2 to $10.

In case you have a lot of rodents in your house, you can settle for electronic traps. The elaborated mechanical traps are an option too. In this case, you have to pay a little extra.

The cost will be close to $20 to $50 or more. We suggest you go for 8-12 traps at a time. This makes the process more effective. Another way to rodent-proof your house is to settle for non-poison glue boards.

These will cost you $3 to $30 depending on the brand you are using. You have to keep in mind that the DIY process also requires a cleanup process. Add some additional amount to the expense list for this.

The repair cost should also be included. This will depend on how much damage the rodents have done already. If you have mice or rats in your house, you can also go for the ready-made pre-packaged set of traps.

This set includes traps, glue boards, bait stations, and a lot of other equipment to help you out. The price for these tools altogether will be about $25 to $125 or more.

Wrap Up

We have discussed the entire price list for the rodent-proofing of your house. If you settle for the professionals, you have to keep some extra bucks for the repairing part. Besides, you can go for DIY methods too.

However, we always recommend getting professional help if you are too troubled with rodents. Keep in mind that maintenance is more important after the removal process of the rodents.

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