Are Capybaras Smart & Intelligent?

Don’t judge a capybara’s intelligence by its appearance. They might look like cute pig that doesn’t know anything. But it might shock you as they have a brain and thinking ability.

So, are capybaras smart? Water hogs are wise as they can recall name, express their feelings, communicate, sense harmful foods, and defends when the enemy attacks. They can also play or threaten you.

In this guide, I’ll let you inform all the reasons behind their intelligence and compare them with home pets like cats and dogs so you can understand easily. Let’s Go!

Are Capybaras Smart & Intelligent?

Capybaras Are Quite Smart!

It might be hard to catch by seeing their behavior but all pet owners of capys find the special intelligence that they express in a weird way. Here’s how:

  • The water hogs recognize the name their pet owner gives them. To know it better, you call yours by a nickname and try to say it often, especially in front of him/her. When you call the capy by that name, it’ll come immediately to your zone.
  • Due to busy work, if you avoid capybara’s scream or their presence, they might bring a charger or stuff of yours in your mouth to threaten. It means ‘if you don’t answer my call, then I’ll chew it now’. Cute!
  • They will hide underwater or go to a shelter if scent predators. The capybaras won’t even make noise so that the predator creatures won’t harm them.
  • When the capybaras need attention, they just jump on the pet owner or hold the leg to express their cuddling need.
  • Sometimes the capybaras get stuck inside a round toy. To get their body out of the toy, they don’t need the help of humans.
  • Plus, they understand commands and remember a thing for a longer period of time. You’ll see them visiting other capybaras in social gatherings without forgetting other partners.

Fun Fact:

  • Capybaras brain is around 48.2 grams (1.7 ounces).
  • With a small brain, it can’t possess a voluminous and complicated forebrain aka non-primate.

Are Capybaras Smarter Than Dogs & Cats?

No! The water hogs seem a little smarter than dogs and cats if it’s about learning something quickly. They are pretty easy to train compared to most dogs and cats.

But that doesn’t mean the cats and dogs lack in this field. Both of them can learn quickly but not as fast as capybaras.

Another factor is capybaras communicate better than cats and dogs. The water hogs instantly reply by doing something near to you. They might make scream, cuddle, or jump on you.

Cats usually avoid their pet owners as they only need attention but sometimes maintain the love by showing terrific love through roaming around your legs. Dogs can communicate with humans by licking or cuddling with you.

Unlike cats and dogs, capybaras can sense toxic food quickly through their sense (nose) like carrots. Plus, they can communicate with their fellow friends from a couple of miles which is a huge point that both cats and dogs can’t beat.

Fun Fact:

  • Home cats have 249,830,000 neurons & their brain contain 1×1013 neurons.
  • Dogs have 240,180,000 neurons & their brain has 2.253×109 neurons.
  • Capybaras have 306,500,000 neurons & their whole brain hold 1.6×109 neurons.

Ending Note

No matter whether are capybaras smart or fool, they are cool creature that has a sweet and calm personality. You’ll need to spend time and show empathy in order to make a strong bond and then observe their intelligence. Give Them the Love Which They Deserve!

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